Pulborough Computer Club


Most meetings have a tutorial on some topic of interest. Available lecture notes are listed below. Most of them are in PDF format (Requiring Adobe Reader or equivalent). For those that are not, the file format is noted.

Organise your life with IT (Stuart Tofts - 7th June 2022)
Successfully using spreadsheets (Phil Ballas - 3rd May 2022)
Using the cloud for storage (Peter Wood - 1st February 2022)
Fraud and scams during the COVID-19 pandemic (Peter Wood - 6th October 2020)
Fraud and scams during the COVID-19 pandemic (Supporting YouTube video)
Safe Online Shopping (Charles Grayson - 7th January 2020)
Smartphone Safety (Peter Wood - 1st October 2019)
Mac and 2FA (Stuart Crump - 3rd September 2019)
Photos (Annie Cutting - 4th June 2019)
Websites - how they work and how to build one (Tony Willcox - 2nd April 2019)
PC Resources (Ray Hambling - 5th March 2019)
Backups (Charles Grayson - 8th January 2019)
Malware (Peter Wood - 6th November 2018)
Photography - How to enhance your pictures
Backup: Why, What, When, Where and How
Intro to 3D Printing
Sussex Police - Scammers - Operation Signature
Avoiding Spam
Digital Photo Processing NEW
Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone: which should I choose?
Backups for the Paranoid
Don't Panic
eBook Readers
Family History 2018 - Useful Leaflet
Family History 2018 - Getting Started
Family History 2018 - Lets explore a local family
Family History 2018 - Useful Websites
Internet Hygiene
Global Positioning Systems
Graphics Resolution
How to use movie maker 2
Make a photo movie with movie maker
Using Picasa (PowerPoint file)
Safe Surfing
Security by Charles Grayson - 7 June 2016
Step-by-step picasa slideshow
Recording Vinyl Records
Why is my PC so slow?
Tips from the IT Technician
Cyber Security: Notes of Talk by Peter Wood