Pulborough & District Community Care Association

Good Neighbour Scheme

No 10

The Good Neighbours Scheme was started as a way of welcoming new residents to Pulborough.

As Pulborough continues to have a reputation of being a friendly village it helps having Good Neighbours to be there to help any newcomers.

We have a network of volunteers who look out for new residents, introduce themselves and help them with any information they may need about the local area.

In the past we have used the Village Directory to do this and hope in the future to be able to use this again.

I am always looking for representatives especially in new areas of development and I will be happy to explain what is involved if they would like to contact me. There are some areas now not covered so do let me know if you are interested.


Terry Donnelly on 01798 874101 if you would like to join the scheme or if you have any questions.