Pulborough Computer Club

Club Administration

The Formal Stuff

John Pratt is the Chair.

Muriel Astley is Treasurer.

Sue Kewley is Secretary.

Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt arrange the programme of speakers and take care of publicity.

Gill Cooper looks after the kitchen rota, the provision of supplies and its operation generally.

The Management Committee consists of all the above named members.

For members, there is a fee of 2 per meeting with an annual subscription of 10 due at the AGM (usually in February). For guests and visitors, the fee is 3 per meeting.

You can see our constitution hereerror-file:tidyout.log.

Our approved 2021 accounts are hereView 2013 accounts.

Our 2022 AGM minutes are hereView 2015 AGM minutes.

An archive of previous years' documents is here.

Membership Application/Update Form

We ask new members to download and fill out an application formClick to view PDF. The same form can be used to notify the club of any change of address or email address. Simply bring it along to a meeting and hand it to the Treasurer or the Chairman.

If you don't provide us with current information, you might not be able to receive club communications .

Internal Communications

The club has a new private email group that lets members broadcast messages to all other members and also receive such broadcasts. To broadcast a message to all members, email it to pcc@emaildodo.com.
Attachments are permitted and messages from non-members are discarded.