Pulborough Computer Club

2019 Calendar

We usually meet on the first Tuesday evening of the month.

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are in the Rother Hall of Pulborough Village Hall and commence at 7:30pm. The hall is available from 7pm for setting up equipment. Please click here for directions.

7:30-8:45ish Tutorial
8:45ish-9:00ish Refreshments
9:00ish-9:40 Burning questions about any topic and hopefully, answers
9:40-9:55 Clear up

Please note that the schedule can change. This web page is always accurate but a copy made months ago might not be.

8th January Charles Grayson - "Back-up for the Paranoid"
5th February A.G.M. + John Gilbert - “Windows 10 shortcuts”
5th March Ray Hambling - "How to make the most of your PC's resources"
2nd April Tony Willcox - "Websites - how they work and how they can be built"
7th May Brett Rust - "3D Printing"
4th June Annie Cutting
2nd July Paul Knapp
6th August No Meeting
3rd September Stuart Crump - "Moving to an Apple Mac" or "Two factor authentication/2FA" (an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password).
1st October Peter Wood
5th November Ian Gledhill - "PowerPoint"
3rd December Xmas social