Pulborough Computer Club

2022 Calendar

We usually meet on the first Tuesday evening of the month.

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are in the Rother Hall of Pulborough Village Hall and commence at 7:30pm. The hall is available from 7pm for setting up equipment. Please click here for directions.

7:30-8:45ish Tutorial
8:45ish-9:00ish Refreshments
9:00ish-9:30 Q & A time
9:30 Close up and clear the room

Please note that the schedule may change.

1st March The pros and cons of using Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Cloud, to back up, share files and synchronise our devises - PETER WOOD
5th April Communications & "Connectivity
  • How do we communicate?
  • How do computer devices communicate with each other and the internet?
  • How do computer internal bits communicate with each other? - TONY WILLCOX
3rd May Successfully Using Spreadsheets - PHIL BALLAS Understand what you can do with spreadsheets to save you time and brain power.
  • Learn how to enter information and use formula to do the calculations for you,
  • Make information easier to understand with charts and graphs
  • Discover how to model financial or numeric events such as your domestic budget, or to make financial comparisons.
7th June Organising your life with IT - See how your devices can help you save time and frustration - STUART TOFTS
  • Tips and tricks for organising files, photos and other data.
  • Using computers and smartphones together.
  • Become more positive in letting the technology do the work for you.
5th July A practical example of 3D modelling & designing - STUART CRUMP
6th September How to make your photos look better - Learn how to manage and process your photos - NORMAN KIRBY
  • Discover how to use software to improve your images
  • Practical examples of using Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Find out about printing and displaying your photos using Flickr